sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html To make troff (actually a.out): make You will also need to write a driver for your favorite output device. d202.c provides a model, although it is specialized to a machine no one has. There are also a variety of postscript drivers that are the best thing to use if you have a postscript device. You will also have to make a DESC file for your typesetter and some font description files; see dev202 for examples. These describe the named characters, widths, kerning information, and output codes. Nroff is the same program as troff, so you should cp a.out /usr/bin/troff ln /usr/bin/troff /usr/bin/nroff or the equivalent. You will also need terminal description files for your terminals; see tab.37, tab.450 and tab.lp for examples. Troff uses files that are normally stored in /usr/lib/font; macro packages are in /usr/lib/tmac; and nroff tables are in /usr/lib/term. You can edit tdef.h to change these assumptions. There have been a few features since the last version, and a number of significant internal changes. Not all are improvements, of course. Most of the more recent changes, including bug fixes, are in FIXES, which you should read also. sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html