sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html #include <u.h> #include <libc.h> #include <plumb.h> #include "errors.h" /* * BLOCKSIZE is relatively small to keep memory consumption down. */ #define BLOCKSIZE 2048 #define RUNESIZE sizeof(Rune) #define NDISC 5 #define NBUFFILES 3+2*NDISC /* plan 9+undo+snarf+NDISC*(transcript+buf) */ #define NSUBEXP 10 #define TRUE 1 #define FALSE 0 #define INFINITY 0x7FFFFFFFL #define INCR 25 #define STRSIZE (2*BLOCKSIZE) typedef long Posn; /* file position or address */ typedef ushort Mod; /* modification number */ typedef struct Address Address; typedef struct Block Block; typedef struct Buffer Buffer; typedef struct Disk Disk; typedef struct Discdesc Discdesc; typedef struct File File; typedef struct List List; typedef struct Range Range; typedef struct Rangeset Rangeset; typedef struct String String; enum State { Clean = ' ', Dirty = '\'', Unread = '-', }; struct Range { Posn p1, p2; }; struct Rangeset { Range p[NSUBEXP]; }; struct Address { Range r; File *f; }; struct String { short n; short size; Rune *s; }; struct List { int type; /* 'p' for pointer, 'P' for Posn */ int nalloc; int nused; union{ void* listp; void** voidp; Posn* posnp; String**stringp; File** filep; }g; }; #define listptr g.listp #define voidpptr g.voidp #define posnptr g.posnp #define stringpptr g.stringp #define filepptr g.filep enum { Blockincr = 256, Maxblock = 8*1024, BUFSIZE = Maxblock, /* size from fbufalloc() */ RBUFSIZE = BUFSIZE/sizeof(Rune), }; enum { Null = '-', Delete = 'd', Insert = 'i', Filename = 'f', Dot = 'D', Mark = 'm', }; struct Block { uint addr; /* disk address in bytes */ union { uint n; /* number of used runes in block */ Block *next; /* pointer to next in free list */ }; }; struct Disk { int fd; uint addr; /* length of temp file */ Block *free[Maxblock/Blockincr+1]; }; Disk* diskinit(void); Block* disknewblock(Disk*, uint); void diskrelease(Disk*, Block*); void diskread(Disk*, Block*, Rune*, uint); void diskwrite(Disk*, Block**, Rune*, uint); struct Buffer { uint nc; Rune *c; /* cache */ uint cnc; /* bytes in cache */ uint cmax; /* size of allocated cache */ uint cq; /* position of cache */ int cdirty; /* cache needs to be written */ uint cbi; /* index of cache Block */ Block **bl; /* array of blocks */ uint nbl; /* number of blocks */ }; void bufinsert(Buffer*, uint, Rune*, uint); void bufdelete(Buffer*, uint, uint); uint bufload(Buffer*, uint, int, int*); void bufread(Buffer*, uint, Rune*, uint); void bufclose(Buffer*); void bufreset(Buffer*); struct File { Buffer; /* the data */ Buffer delta; /* transcript of changes */ Buffer epsilon; /* inversion of delta for redo */ String name; /* name of associated file */ uvlong qidpath; /* of file when read */ uint mtime; /* of file when read */ int dev; /* of file when read */ int unread; /* file has not been read from disk */ long seq; /* if seq==0, File acts like Buffer */ long cleanseq; /* f->seq at last read/write of file */ int mod; /* file appears modified in menu */ char rescuing; /* sam exiting; this file unusable */ // Text *curtext; /* most recently used associated text */ // Text **text; /* list of associated texts */ // int ntext; // int dumpid; /* used in dumping zeroxed windows */ Posn hiposn; /* highest address touched this Mod */ Address dot; /* current position */ Address ndot; /* new current position after update */ Range tdot; /* what terminal thinks is current range */ Range mark; /* tagged spot in text (don't confuse with Mark) */ List *rasp; /* map of what terminal's got */ short tag; /* for communicating with terminal */ char closeok; /* ok to close file? */ char deleted; /* delete at completion of command */ Range prevdot; /* state before start of change */ Range prevmark; long prevseq; int prevmod; }; //File* fileaddtext(File*, Text*); void fileclose(File*); void filedelete(File*, uint, uint); //void filedeltext(File*, Text*); void fileinsert(File*, uint, Rune*, uint); uint fileload(File*, uint, int, int*); void filemark(File*); void filereset(File*); void filesetname(File*, String*); void fileundelete(File*, Buffer*, uint, uint); void fileuninsert(File*, Buffer*, uint, uint); void fileunsetname(File*, Buffer*); void fileundo(File*, int, int, uint*, uint*, int); int fileupdate(File*, int, int); int filereadc(File*, uint); File *fileopen(void); void loginsert(File*, uint, Rune*, uint); void logdelete(File*, uint, uint); void logsetname(File*, String*); int fileisdirty(File*); long undoseq(File*, int); long prevseq(Buffer*); void raspload(File*); void raspstart(File*); void raspdelete(File*, uint, uint, int); void raspinsert(File*, uint, Rune*, uint, int); void raspdone(File*, int); void raspflush(File*); /* * acme fns */ void* fbufalloc(void); void fbuffree(void*); uint min(uint, uint); void cvttorunes(char*, int, Rune*, int*, int*, int*); #define runemalloc(a) (Rune*)emalloc((a)*sizeof(Rune)) #define runerealloc(a, b) (Rune*)realloc((a), (b)*sizeof(Rune)) #define runemove(a, b, c) memmove((a), (b), (c)*sizeof(Rune)) int alnum(int); int Read(int, void*, int); void Seek(int, long, int); int plan9(File*, int, String*, int); int Write(int, void*, int); int bexecute(File*, Posn); void cd(String*); void closefiles(File*, String*); void closeio(Posn); void cmdloop(void); void cmdupdate(void); void compile(String*); void copy(File*, Address); File *current(File*); void delete(File*); void delfile(File*); void dellist(List*, int); void doubleclick(File*, Posn); void dprint(char*, ...); void edit(File*, int); void *emalloc(ulong); void *erealloc(void*, ulong); void error(Err); void error_c(Err, int); void error_r(Err, char*); void error_s(Err, char*); int execute(File*, Posn, Posn); int filematch(File*, String*); void filename(File*); void fixname(String*); void fullname(String*); void getcurwd(void); File *getfile(String*); int getname(File*, String*, int); long getnum(int); void hiccough(char*); void inslist(List*, int, ...); Address lineaddr(Posn, Address, int); List *listalloc(int); void listfree(List*); void load(File*); File *lookfile(String*); void lookorigin(File*, Posn, Posn); int lookup(int); void move(File*, Address); void moveto(File*, Range); File *newfile(void); void nextmatch(File*, String*, Posn, int); void notifyf(void*, char*); void panic(char*); void printposn(File*, int); void print_ss(char*, String*, String*); void print_s(char*, String*); int rcv(void); Range rdata(List*, Posn, Posn); Posn readio(File*, int*, int, int); void rescue(void); void resetcmd(void); void resetsys(void); void resetxec(void); void rgrow(List*, Posn, Posn); void samerr(char*); void settempfile(void); int skipbl(void); void snarf(File*, Posn, Posn, Buffer*, int); void sortname(File*); void startup(char*, int, char**, char**); void state(File*, int); int statfd(int, ulong*, uvlong*, long*, long*, long*); int statfile(char*, ulong*, uvlong*, long*, long*, long*); void Straddc(String*, int); void Strclose(String*); int Strcmp(String*, String*); void Strdelete(String*, Posn, Posn); void Strdupl(String*, Rune*); void Strduplstr(String*, String*); void Strinit(String*); void Strinit0(String*); void Strinsert(String*, String*, Posn); void Strinsure(String*, ulong); int Strispre(String*, String*); void Strzero(String*); int Strlen(Rune*); char *Strtoc(String*); void syserror(char*); void telldot(File*); void tellpat(void); String *tmpcstr(char*); String *tmprstr(Rune*, int); void freetmpstr(String*); void termcommand(void); void termwrite(char*); File *tofile(String*); void trytoclose(File*); void trytoquit(void); int undo(int); void update(void); char *waitfor(int); void warn(Warn); void warn_s(Warn, char*); void warn_SS(Warn, String*, String*); void warn_S(Warn, String*); int whichmenu(File*); void writef(File*); Posn writeio(File*); Discdesc *Dstart(void); extern Rune samname[]; /* compiler dependent */ extern Rune *left[]; extern Rune *right[]; extern char RSAM[]; /* system dependent */ extern char SAMTERM[]; extern char HOME[]; extern char TMPDIR[]; extern char SH[]; extern char SHPATH[]; extern char RX[]; extern char RXPATH[]; extern char SAMSAVECMD[]; /* * acme globals */ extern long seq; extern Disk *disk; extern char *rsamname; /* globals */ extern char *samterm; extern Rune genbuf[]; extern char *genc; extern int io; extern int patset; extern int quitok; extern Address addr; extern Buffer snarfbuf; extern Buffer plan9buf; extern List file; extern List tempfile; extern File *cmd; extern File *curfile; extern File *lastfile; extern Mod modnum; extern Posn cmdpt; extern Posn cmdptadv; extern Rangeset sel; extern String curwd; extern String cmdstr; extern String genstr; extern String lastpat; extern String lastregexp; extern String plan9cmd; extern int downloaded; extern int eof; extern int bpipeok; extern int panicking; extern Rune empty[]; extern int termlocked; extern int outbuffered; #include "mesg.h" void outTs(Hmesg, int); void outT0(Hmesg); void outTl(Hmesg, long); void outTslS(Hmesg, int, long, String*); void outTS(Hmesg, String*); void outTsS(Hmesg, int, String*); void outTsllS(Hmesg, int, long, long, String*); void outTsll(Hmesg, int, long, long); void outTsl(Hmesg, int, long); void outTsv(Hmesg, int, vlong); void outflush(void); int needoutflush(void); sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html