sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html #include "sam.h" static char *emsg[]={ /* error_s */ "can't open", "can't create", "not in menu:", "changes to", "I/O error:", "can't write while changing:", /* error_c */ "unknown command", "no operand for", "bad delimiter", /* error */ "can't fork", "interrupt", "address", "search", "pattern", "newline expected", "blank expected", "pattern expected", "can't nest X or Y", "unmatched `}'", "command takes no address", "addresses overlap", "substitution", "& match too long", "bad \\ in rhs", "address range", "changes not in sequence", "addresses out of order", "no file name", "unmatched `('", "unmatched `)'", "malformed `[]'", "malformed regexp", "reg. exp. list overflow", "plan 9 command", "can't pipe", "no current file", "string too long", "changed files", "empty string", "file search", "non-unique match for \"\"", "tag match too long", "too many subexpressions", "temporary file too large", "file is append-only", "no destination for plumb message", "internal read error in buffer load", }; static char *wmsg[]={ /* warn_s */ "duplicate file name", "no such file", "write might change good version of", /* warn_S */ "files might be aliased", /* warn */ "null characters elided", "can't run pwd", "last char not newline", "exit status", }; void error(Err s) { char buf[512]; sprint(buf, "?%s", emsg[s]); hiccough(buf); } void error_s(Err s, char *a) { char buf[512]; sprint(buf, "?%s \"%s\"", emsg[s], a); hiccough(buf); } void error_r(Err s, char *a) { char buf[512]; sprint(buf, "?%s \"%s\": %r", emsg[s], a); hiccough(buf); } void error_c(Err s, int c) { char buf[512]; sprint(buf, "?%s `%C'", emsg[s], c); hiccough(buf); } void warn(Warn s) { dprint("?warning: %s\n", wmsg[s]); } void warn_S(Warn s, String *a) { print_s(wmsg[s], a); } void warn_SS(Warn s, String *a, String *b) { print_ss(wmsg[s], a, b); } void warn_s(Warn s, char *a) { dprint("?warning: %s `%s'\n", wmsg[s], a); } void termwrite(char *s) { String *p; if(downloaded){ p = tmpcstr(s); if(cmd) loginsert(cmd, cmdpt, p->s, p->n); else Strinsert(&cmdstr, p, cmdstr.n); cmdptadv += p->n; free(p); }else Write(2, s, strlen(s)); } sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html