sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html /* * running the l2 cache as write-back and using cached memory for * usb data structures yields spurious errors such as * * qhintr: td 0x60ee3d80 csw 0x8824a error 0x48 transaction error * * from usbehci. so, at least for now, we will use uncached memory until * we sort out the write-back problems. */ #define free ucfree #define malloc myucalloc #define mallocz ucallocz #define smalloc myucalloc #define xspanalloc ucallocalign #define allocb ucallocb #define iallocb uciallocb #define freeb ucfreeb static void * ucallocz(uint n, int) { char *p = ucalloc(n); if (p) memset(p, 0, n); else panic("ucalloc: out of memory"); return p; } static void * myucalloc(uint n) { return ucallocz(n, 1); } sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html