sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html #include <u.h> #include <libc.h> #include <venti.h> #include <libsec.h> #include <avl.h> #include <bin.h> int changes; int rewrite; int ignoreerrors; int fast; int verbose; int nskip; int nwrite; VtConn *zsrc, *zdst; uchar zeroscore[VtScoreSize]; /* all zeros */ typedef struct ScoreTree ScoreTree; struct ScoreTree { Avl avl; uchar score[VtScoreSize]; int type; }; Avltree *scoretree; Bin *scorebin; static int scoretreecmp(Avl *va, Avl *vb) { ScoreTree *a, *b; int i; a = (ScoreTree*)va; b = (ScoreTree*)vb; i = memcmp(a->score, b->score, VtScoreSize); if(i != 0) return i; return a->type - b->type; } static int havevisited(uchar score[VtScoreSize], int type) { ScoreTree a; if(scoretree == nil) return 0; memmove(a.score, score, VtScoreSize); a.type = type; return lookupavl(scoretree, &a.avl) != nil; } static void markvisited(uchar score[VtScoreSize], int type) { ScoreTree *a; Avl *old; if(scoretree == nil) return; a = binalloc(&scorebin, sizeof *a, 1); memmove(a->score, score, VtScoreSize); a->type = type; insertavl(scoretree, &a->avl, &old); } void usage(void) { fprint(2, "usage: %s [-fimrv] [-t type] srchost dsthost score\n", argv0); exits("usage"); } void walk(uchar score[VtScoreSize], uint type, int base) { int i, n; uchar *buf; uchar nscore[VtScoreSize]; VtEntry e; VtRoot root; if(memcmp(score, vtzeroscore, VtScoreSize) == 0 || memcmp(score, zeroscore, VtScoreSize) == 0) return; if(havevisited(score, type)){ nskip++; return; } buf = vtmallocz(VtMaxLumpSize); if(fast && vtread(zdst, score, type, buf, VtMaxLumpSize) >= 0){ if(verbose) fprint(2, "skip %V\n", score); free(buf); return; } n = vtread(zsrc, score, type, buf, VtMaxLumpSize); if(n < 0){ if(rewrite){ changes++; memmove(score, vtzeroscore, VtScoreSize); }else if(!ignoreerrors) sysfatal("reading block %V (type %d): %r", score, type); return; } switch(type){ case VtRootType: if(vtrootunpack(&root, buf) < 0){ fprint(2, "warning: could not unpack root in %V %d\n", score, type); break; } walk(root.prev, VtRootType, 0); walk(root.score, VtDirType, 0); if(rewrite) vtrootpack(&root, buf); /* walk might have changed score */ break; case VtDirType: for(i=0; i<n/VtEntrySize; i++){ if(vtentryunpack(&e, buf, i) < 0){ fprint(2, "warning: could not unpack entry #%d in %V %d\n", i, score, type); continue; } if(!(e.flags & VtEntryActive)) continue; walk(e.score, e.type, e.type&VtTypeBaseMask); /* * Don't repack unless we're rewriting -- some old * vac files have psize==0 and dsize==0, and these * get rewritten by vtentryunpack to have less strange * block sizes. So vtentryunpack; vtentrypack does not * guarantee to preserve the exact bytes in buf. */ if(rewrite) vtentrypack(&e, buf, i); } break; case VtDataType: break; default: /* pointers */ for(i=0; i<n; i+=VtScoreSize) if(memcmp(buf+i, vtzeroscore, VtScoreSize) != 0) walk(buf+i, type-1, base); break; } nwrite++; if(vtwrite(zdst, nscore, type, buf, n) < 0){ /* figure out score for better error message */ /* can't use input argument - might have changed contents */ n = vtzerotruncate(type, buf, n); sha1(buf, n, score, nil); sysfatal("writing block %V (type %d): %r", score, type); } if(!rewrite && memcmp(score, nscore, VtScoreSize) != 0){ fprint(2, "not rewriting: wrote %V got %V\n", score, nscore); abort(); sysfatal("not rewriting: wrote %V got %V", score, nscore); } markvisited(score, type); free(buf); } void main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int type, n; uchar score[VtScoreSize]; uchar *buf; char *prefix; fmtinstall('F', vtfcallfmt); fmtinstall('V', vtscorefmt); type = -1; ARGBEGIN{ case 'V': chattyventi++; break; case 'f': fast = 1; break; case 'i': if(rewrite) usage(); ignoreerrors = 1; break; case 'm': scoretree = mkavltree(scoretreecmp); break; case 'r': if(ignoreerrors) usage(); rewrite = 1; break; case 't': type = atoi(EARGF(usage())); break; case 'v': verbose = 1; break; default: usage(); break; }ARGEND if(argc != 3) usage(); if(vtparsescore(argv[2], &prefix, score) < 0) sysfatal("could not parse score: %r"); buf = vtmallocz(VtMaxLumpSize); zsrc = vtdial(argv[0]); if(zsrc == nil) sysfatal("could not dial src server: %r"); if(vtconnect(zsrc) < 0) sysfatal("vtconnect src: %r"); zdst = vtdial(argv[1]); if(zdst == nil) sysfatal("could not dial dst server: %r"); if(vtconnect(zdst) < 0) sysfatal("vtconnect dst: %r"); if(type != -1){ n = vtread(zsrc, score, type, buf, VtMaxLumpSize); if(n < 0) sysfatal("could not read block: %r"); }else{ for(type=0; type<VtMaxType; type++){ n = vtread(zsrc, score, type, buf, VtMaxLumpSize); if(n >= 0) break; } if(type == VtMaxType) sysfatal("could not find block %V of any type", score); } walk(score, type, VtDirType); if(changes) print("%s:%V (%d pointers rewritten)\n", prefix, score, changes); if(verbose) print("%d skipped, %d written\n", nskip, nwrite); if(vtsync(zdst) < 0) sysfatal("could not sync dst server: %r"); exits(0); } sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html