sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html CONF=pc CONFLIST=pc pccpu pcf pccpuf pcdisk pcfs pccpudisk CRAPLIST=pccd pcflop pcinst pcauth pcall VENTILIST=pccpuf pcf pcfs pcauth EXTRACOPIES=piestand pxe0 lookout bovril boundary objtype=386 </$objtype/mkfile p=9 # must match mem.h KZERO=0xF0000000 KTZEROP=0x100020 APBOOTSTRAP=`{echo $KZERO+0x3000'=X' | dbcalc} # this KTZERO sits after the a.out header, unlike mem.h's KTZERO=`{echo $KZERO+$KTZEROP'=X' | dbcalc} DEVS=`{rc ../port/mkdevlist $CONF} PORT=\ alarm.$O\ alloc.$O\ allocb.$O\ auth.$O\ cache.$O\ chan.$O\ dev.$O\ edf.$O\ fault.$O\ latin1.$O\ page.$O\ parse.$O\ pgrp.$O\ portclock.$O\ print.$O\ proc.$O\ qio.$O\ qlock.$O\ rdb.$O\ rebootcmd.$O\ segment.$O\ swap.$O\ sysfile.$O\ sysproc.$O\ taslock.$O\ tod.$O\ watermarks.$O\ xalloc.$O\ OBJ=\ l.$O\ plan9l.$O\ cga.$O\ i8253.$O\ i8259.$O\ kbd.$O\ main.$O\ memory.$O\ mmu.$O\ random.$O\ syscallfmt.$O\ trap.$O\ $CONF.root.$O\ $CONF.rootc.$O\ $DEVS\ $PORT\ LIB=\ /$objtype/lib/libmemlayer.a\ /$objtype/lib/libmemdraw.a\ /$objtype/lib/libdraw.a\ /$objtype/lib/libip.a\ /$objtype/lib/libc.a\ /$objtype/lib/libsec.a\ /$objtype/lib/libmp.a\ ETHER=`{echo devether.c ether*.c | sed 's/\.c/.'$O'/g'} VGA=`{echo devvga.c screen.c vga*.c | sed 's/\.c/.'$O'/g'} SDEV=`{echo devsd.c sd*.c | sed 's/\.c/.'$O'/g'} $p$CONF: $CONF.c $OBJ $LIB $CC $CFLAGS '-DKERNDATE='`{date -n} $CONF.c $LD -o $target -T$KTZERO -l $OBJ $CONF.$O $LIB size $target # this makes an ELF kernel: # $LD -o $target.elf -PH5 -R4096 -T$KTZERO -F$KTZEROP -l $OBJ $CONF.$O $LIB # don't strip the gzipped kernels -- too frustrating when that's all you have! $p%.gz:D: $p% gzip -9 <$p$stem >$p$stem.gz # pcflop and pccd need all the space they can get 9pcflop.gz:D: 9pcflop strip -o /fd/1 9pcflop | gzip -9 >9pcflop.gz 9pccd.gz:D: 9pccd strip -o /fd/1 9pccd | gzip -9 >9pccd.gz # we don't need gzipped kernels otherwise, so don't make them install:V: $p$CONF # $p$CONF.gz cp $p$CONF /$objtype/ & for(i in $EXTRACOPIES) { 9fs $i && cp $p$CONF /n/$i/$objtype && echo -n $i... & } wait echo <../boot/bootmkfile <../port/portmkfile <|../port/mkbootrules $CONF $ETHER: etherif.h ../port/netif.h ether8003.$O ether8390.$O: ether8390.h $VGA mouse.$O: screen.h /sys/include/memdraw.h devfloppy.$O: floppy.h archmp.$O mp.$O: apbootstrap.h apic.$O archmp.$O mp.$O: mp.h $SDEV: ../port/sd.h sd53c8xx.$O: sd53c8xx.i sdiahci.$O: ahci.h devaoe.$O sdaoe.$O: ../port/aoe.h main.$O: init.h reboot.h wavelan.$O: wavelan.c ../pc/wavelan.c ../pc/wavelan.h etherwavelan.$O: etherwavelan.c ../pc/wavelan.h devusb.$O usbuhci.$O usbohci.$O usbehci.$O: ../port/usb.h trap.$O: /sys/include/tos.h uartaxp.$O: uartaxp.i etherm10g.$O: etherm10g2k.i etherm10g4k.i init.h:D: ../port/initcode.c init9.c $CC ../port/initcode.c $CC init9.c $LD -l -R1 -s -o init.out init9.$O initcode.$O /386/lib/libc.a {echo 'uchar initcode[]={' xd -1x <init.out | sed -e 's/^[0-9a-f]+ //' -e 's/ ([0-9a-f][0-9a-f])/0x\1,/g' echo '};'} > init.h reboot.h:D: rebootcode.s $AS rebootcode.s $LD -l -s -T0x11000 -R4 -o reboot.out rebootcode.$O {echo 'uchar rebootcode[]={' xd -1x reboot.out | sed -e '1,2d' -e 's/^[0-9a-f]+ //' -e 's/ ([0-9a-f][0-9a-f])/0x\1,/g' echo '};'} > reboot.h apbootstrap.h: apbootstrap.s mem.h $AS $prereq $LD -o apbootstrap.out -T$APBOOTSTRAP -R4 -l -s apbootstrap.$O {echo 'uchar apbootstrap[]={' xd -1x apbootstrap.out | sed -e '1,2d' -e 's/^[0-9a-f]+ //' -e 's/ ([0-9a-f][0-9a-f])/0x\1,/g' echo '};'} > $target sd53c8xx.i: sd53c8xx.n aux/na $prereq > $target uartaxp.i: a100p.cp {echo 'static uchar uartaxpcp[] = {' xd -1x $prereq | sed -e 's/^[0-9a-f]+ //' -e '/^$/d' -e 's/ ([0-9a-f][0-9a-f])/0x\1,/g' echo '};' } > $target acid:V: 8c -a -w -I. i8253.c>acid %.checkether:VQ: for (i in ether*.c){ x=`{echo $i | sed 's/\.c//'} if(! ~ $x ether8390 && ! grep -s '^ '^$x^'([ ]|$)' $stem) echo $x not included in $stem } exit 0 %.checkvga:VQ: for (i in vga*.c){ x=`{echo $i | sed 's/\.c//'} if(! ~ $x vga vgax vgasavage && ! grep -s '^ '^$x^'([ ]|$)' $stem) echo $x not included in $stem } exit 0 checkdist:VQ: for(i in pcdisk pcflop) for(j in checkvga checkether) mk $i.$j %.clean:V: rm -f $stem.c [9bz]$stem [9bz]$stem.gz boot$stem.* reboot.h apbootstrap.h init.h [9bz]$stem.elf # testing 9load:D: /usr/rsc/boot/$O.load 9pcload cat $prereq >$target 9load.flp: 9load disk/format -b /386/pbs -df $target $prereq $p$CONF.flp: /386/9load plan9.ini $p$CONF.gz disk/format -b /386/pbs -df $target $prereq sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html