sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html #pragma lib "libsec.a" #pragma src "/sys/src/libsec" #ifndef _MPINT typedef struct mpint mpint; #endif /* * AES definitions */ enum { AESbsize= 16, AESmaxkey= 32, AESmaxrounds= 14 }; typedef struct AESstate AESstate; struct AESstate { ulong setup; int rounds; int keybytes; // uint ctrsz; uchar key[AESmaxkey]; /* unexpanded key */ ulong ekey[4*(AESmaxrounds + 1)]; /* encryption key */ ulong dkey[4*(AESmaxrounds + 1)]; /* decryption key */ uchar ivec[AESbsize]; /* initialization vector */ // uchar mackey[3 * AESbsize]; /* 3 XCBC mac 96 keys */ }; void setupAESstate(AESstate *s, uchar key[], int keybytes, uchar *ivec); void aesCBCencrypt(uchar *p, int len, AESstate *s); void aesCBCdecrypt(uchar *p, int len, AESstate *s); /* * Blowfish Definitions */ enum { BFbsize = 8, BFrounds= 16 }; /* 16-round Blowfish */ typedef struct BFstate BFstate; struct BFstate { ulong setup; uchar key[56]; uchar ivec[8]; u32int pbox[BFrounds+2]; u32int sbox[1024]; }; void setupBFstate(BFstate *s, uchar key[], int keybytes, uchar *ivec); void bfCBCencrypt(uchar*, int, BFstate*); void bfCBCdecrypt(uchar*, int, BFstate*); void bfECBencrypt(uchar*, int, BFstate*); void bfECBdecrypt(uchar*, int, BFstate*); /* * DES definitions */ enum { DESbsize= 8 }; /* single des */ typedef struct DESstate DESstate; struct DESstate { ulong setup; uchar key[8]; /* unexpanded key */ ulong expanded[32]; /* expanded key */ uchar ivec[8]; /* initialization vector */ }; void setupDESstate(DESstate *s, uchar key[8], uchar *ivec); void des_key_setup(uchar[8], ulong[32]); void block_cipher(ulong*, uchar*, int); void desCBCencrypt(uchar*, int, DESstate*); void desCBCdecrypt(uchar*, int, DESstate*); void desECBencrypt(uchar*, int, DESstate*); void desECBdecrypt(uchar*, int, DESstate*); /* for backward compatibility with 7-byte DES key format */ void des56to64(uchar *k56, uchar *k64); void des64to56(uchar *k64, uchar *k56); void key_setup(uchar[7], ulong[32]); /* triple des encrypt/decrypt orderings */ enum { DES3E= 0, DES3D= 1, DES3EEE= 0, DES3EDE= 2, DES3DED= 5, DES3DDD= 7 }; typedef struct DES3state DES3state; struct DES3state { ulong setup; uchar key[3][8]; /* unexpanded key */ ulong expanded[3][32]; /* expanded key */ uchar ivec[8]; /* initialization vector */ }; void setupDES3state(DES3state *s, uchar key[3][8], uchar *ivec); void triple_block_cipher(ulong keys[3][32], uchar*, int); void des3CBCencrypt(uchar*, int, DES3state*); void des3CBCdecrypt(uchar*, int, DES3state*); void des3ECBencrypt(uchar*, int, DES3state*); void des3ECBdecrypt(uchar*, int, DES3state*); /* * digests */ enum { SHA1dlen= 20, /* SHA digest length */ MD4dlen= 16, /* MD4 digest length */ MD5dlen= 16, /* MD5 digest length */ AESdlen= 16, /* TODO: see rfc */ Hmacblksz = 64, /* in bytes; from rfc2104 */ }; typedef struct DigestState DigestState; struct DigestState { uvlong len; u32int state[5]; uchar buf[128]; int blen; char malloced; char seeded; }; typedef struct DigestState SHAstate; /* obsolete name */ typedef struct DigestState SHA1state; typedef struct DigestState MD5state; typedef struct DigestState MD4state; typedef struct DigestState AEShstate; DigestState* md4(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*); DigestState* md5(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*); DigestState* sha1(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*); DigestState* aes(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*); DigestState* hmac_x(uchar *p, ulong len, uchar *key, ulong klen, uchar *digest, DigestState *s, DigestState*(*x)(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*), int xlen); DigestState* hmac_md5(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*); DigestState* hmac_sha1(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*); DigestState* hmac_aes(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*); char* md5pickle(MD5state*); MD5state* md5unpickle(char*); char* sha1pickle(SHA1state*); SHA1state* sha1unpickle(char*); /* * random number generation */ void genrandom(uchar *buf, int nbytes); void prng(uchar *buf, int nbytes); ulong fastrand(void); ulong nfastrand(ulong); /* * primes */ void genprime(mpint *p, int n, int accuracy); /* generate n-bit probable prime */ void gensafeprime(mpint *p, mpint *alpha, int n, int accuracy); /* prime & generator */ void genstrongprime(mpint *p, int n, int accuracy); /* generate n-bit strong prime */ void DSAprimes(mpint *q, mpint *p, uchar seed[SHA1dlen]); int probably_prime(mpint *n, int nrep); /* miller-rabin test */ int smallprimetest(mpint *p); /* returns -1 if not prime, 0 otherwise */ /* * rc4 */ typedef struct RC4state RC4state; struct RC4state { uchar state[256]; uchar x; uchar y; }; void setupRC4state(RC4state*, uchar*, int); void rc4(RC4state*, uchar*, int); void rc4skip(RC4state*, int); void rc4back(RC4state*, int); /* * rsa */ typedef struct RSApub RSApub; typedef struct RSApriv RSApriv; typedef struct PEMChain PEMChain; /* public/encryption key */ struct RSApub { mpint *n; /* modulus */ mpint *ek; /* exp (encryption key) */ }; /* private/decryption key */ struct RSApriv { RSApub pub; mpint *dk; /* exp (decryption key) */ /* precomputed values to help with chinese remainder theorem calc */ mpint *p; mpint *q; mpint *kp; /* dk mod p-1 */ mpint *kq; /* dk mod q-1 */ mpint *c2; /* (inv p) mod q */ }; struct PEMChain{ PEMChain*next; uchar *pem; int pemlen; }; RSApriv* rsagen(int nlen, int elen, int rounds); RSApriv* rsafill(mpint *n, mpint *e, mpint *d, mpint *p, mpint *q); mpint* rsaencrypt(RSApub *k, mpint *in, mpint *out); mpint* rsadecrypt(RSApriv *k, mpint *in, mpint *out); RSApub* rsapuballoc(void); void rsapubfree(RSApub*); RSApriv* rsaprivalloc(void); void rsaprivfree(RSApriv*); RSApub* rsaprivtopub(RSApriv*); RSApub* X509toRSApub(uchar*, int, char*, int); RSApriv* asn1toRSApriv(uchar*, int); void asn1dump(uchar *der, int len); uchar* decodePEM(char *s, char *type, int *len, char **new_s); PEMChain* decodepemchain(char *s, char *type); uchar* X509gen(RSApriv *priv, char *subj, ulong valid[2], int *certlen); uchar* X509req(RSApriv *priv, char *subj, int *certlen); char* X509verify(uchar *cert, int ncert, RSApub *pk); void X509dump(uchar *cert, int ncert); /* * elgamal */ typedef struct EGpub EGpub; typedef struct EGpriv EGpriv; typedef struct EGsig EGsig; /* public/encryption key */ struct EGpub { mpint *p; /* modulus */ mpint *alpha; /* generator */ mpint *key; /* (encryption key) alpha**secret mod p */ }; /* private/decryption key */ struct EGpriv { EGpub pub; mpint *secret; /* (decryption key) */ }; /* signature */ struct EGsig { mpint *r, *s; }; EGpriv* eggen(int nlen, int rounds); mpint* egencrypt(EGpub *k, mpint *in, mpint *out); /* deprecated */ mpint* egdecrypt(EGpriv *k, mpint *in, mpint *out); EGsig* egsign(EGpriv *k, mpint *m); int egverify(EGpub *k, EGsig *sig, mpint *m); EGpub* egpuballoc(void); void egpubfree(EGpub*); EGpriv* egprivalloc(void); void egprivfree(EGpriv*); EGsig* egsigalloc(void); void egsigfree(EGsig*); EGpub* egprivtopub(EGpriv*); /* * dsa */ typedef struct DSApub DSApub; typedef struct DSApriv DSApriv; typedef struct DSAsig DSAsig; /* public/encryption key */ struct DSApub { mpint *p; /* modulus */ mpint *q; /* group order, q divides p-1 */ mpint *alpha; /* group generator */ mpint *key; /* (encryption key) alpha**secret mod p */ }; /* private/decryption key */ struct DSApriv { DSApub pub; mpint *secret; /* (decryption key) */ }; /* signature */ struct DSAsig { mpint *r, *s; }; DSApriv* dsagen(DSApub *opub); /* opub not checked for consistency! */ DSAsig* dsasign(DSApriv *k, mpint *m); int dsaverify(DSApub *k, DSAsig *sig, mpint *m); DSApub* dsapuballoc(void); void dsapubfree(DSApub*); DSApriv* dsaprivalloc(void); void dsaprivfree(DSApriv*); DSAsig* dsasigalloc(void); void dsasigfree(DSAsig*); DSApub* dsaprivtopub(DSApriv*); DSApriv* asn1toDSApriv(uchar*, int); /* * TLS */ typedef struct Thumbprint{ struct Thumbprint *next; uchar sha1[SHA1dlen]; } Thumbprint; typedef struct TLSconn{ char dir[40]; /* connection directory */ uchar *cert; /* certificate (local on input, remote on output) */ uchar *sessionID; int certlen; int sessionIDlen; int (*trace)(char*fmt, ...); PEMChain*chain; /* optional extra certificate evidence for servers to present */ char *sessionType; uchar *sessionKey; int sessionKeylen; char *sessionConst; } TLSconn; /* tlshand.c */ int tlsClient(int fd, TLSconn *c); int tlsServer(int fd, TLSconn *c); /* thumb.c */ Thumbprint* initThumbprints(char *ok, char *crl); void freeThumbprints(Thumbprint *ok); int okThumbprint(uchar *sha1, Thumbprint *ok); /* readcert.c */ uchar *readcert(char *filename, int *pcertlen); PEMChain*readcertchain(char *filename); /* X509.c */ typedef struct Bytes { int len; uchar data[1]; } Bytes; mpint *pkcs1pad(Bytes *b, mpint *modulus); sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html